When it comes to building a strong, lasting foundation for structures, the caisson foundation method has long stood as one of the most effective approaches. Whether it’s for a massive bridge, a high-rise building, or an offshore platform, caisson foundations play an essential role in ensuring stability and longevity.

What is Caisson Foundation?

A caisson foundation is essentially a deep, cylindrical shaft that is drilled into the ground. It acts as a supportive pillar, bearing the load of large structures and transferring it safely to more stable soil or rock layers deep underground.

Materials Used in Caisson Drilling

Typically, caissons are made from reinforced concrete or steel. Their strength and durability make them an ideal choice for providing robust foundation support to various structures, such as bridges, buildings, offshore platforms, and retaining walls.

Why Caisson Drilling?

Transferring Loads to Stable Ground

The primary benefit of a caisson foundation is its ability to transfer the load of a structure to deeper, more stable layers of soil or rock. This ensures that the structure remains safe and secure even when the surface soil is weak or prone to disturbances.


Caisson foundations are incredibly versatile, suitable for different terrains and ground conditions. They can also be tailored to specific depths, ensuring maximum stability for any structure they support.

Coastline’s All-Inclusive Caisson Foundation Service

Coastline stands out in the field with its comprehensive, turn-key solution for clients looking for caisson foundation services. Their expertise encompasses:

  1. Drilling: Using advanced equipment and techniques, Coastline ensures precise and efficient drilling.
  2. Rebar Fabrication: Preparing high-quality rebar is crucial for the foundation’s strength.
  3. Rebar Placement: Proper placement guarantees that the caisson can bear the intended load.
  4. Concrete Placement: Ensuring the concrete is poured and settled accurately is paramount for the foundation’s longevity.

Coastline’s proficiency doesn’t end with its service delivery. With operations spanning across three major Californian areas – Los Angeles, Milpitas, and San Diego – they are strategically positioned to serve a broad spectrum of clients. We also service the areas of Malibu, Montecito, and Santa Barbara.


In the realm of construction, foundations make the difference between a fleeting structure and a lasting monument. The caisson foundation method, with its undeniable advantages, is an essential tool in this endeavor. And with companies like Coastline leading the charge with their all-encompassing service, it’s clear that the future of sturdy and durable constructions is bright.