When it comes to installing or maintaining a septic system, opting for a high-quality seepage pit can make all the difference. A seepage pit is an underground pit filled with gravel or rock that allows effluent from a septic system to be dispersed safely into the ground. Coastline Engineering specializes in delivering top-notch drilling services in California, setting new standards in efficiency and quality.

What is a Seepage Pit?

A seepage pit serves as an option for effluent dispersal in a septic system. It is a vertical pit that typically has perforated sides covered with a liner, allowing for the slow absorption of liquid waste into the surrounding soil. These pits are essential for homes and establishments where traditional drain fields may not be applicable. Choosing a reliable pit is essential for the long-term efficacy of your septic system.

Coastline Engineering’s Seepage Pit Drilling Services

At Coastline Engineering, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive services that cover all your seepage pit needs. This includes:

  1. Drilling: Our experienced team uses specialized equipment to drill your pit with precision.
  2. Liners: We ensure the durability and efficiency of your pit by installing high-quality liners that facilitate optimal drainage.
  3. Caps: Our caps are designed to provide an added layer of safety, preventing accidental falls or debris entry.

Why Choose Coastline Engineering for Your Seepage Pit Needs?

Comprehensive Services

From initial drilling to setting liners and caps, we manage all aspects of installation.


Our team has years of hands-on experience in installation and maintenance, ensuring your project is in expert hands.

Quality Assurance

We use top-grade materials and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your pit stands the test of time.

Servicing Major Areas in California

We are proud to offer our drilling services in three major areas:

  1. Los Angeles: Catering to both residential and commercial septic system needs.
  2. Milpitas: Focused on high-quality installations for sustainable drainage solutions.
  3. San Diego: Providing top-notch services to both urban and rural settings.

Conclusion: Make the Right Choice with Coastline Engineering’s Services

Choosing the right seepage pit can significantly impact the longevity and efficiency of your septic system. Coastline Engineering provides a one-stop solution for all your needs, from drilling to setting liners and caps. With service areas spanning Los Angeles, Milpitas, and San Diego, we are your go-to experts in California.