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Caisson Drilling | Shoring | Excavation Contractor

COASTLINE provides Caisson Drilling, Shoring, Excavation and Grading services.  We will professionally handle all phases of your foundation project.  Our specialties include limited access drilling, hillside drilling, caissons, shoring and lagging, solider piles, and excavation and grading services.


     COASTLINE is a California Caisson Drilling | Shoring | Excavation Contractor capable of handling any size drilling, shoring, grading projects.  From limited access hillside projects to large scale commercial shoring projects.  Your project will be completed accurately, on time, and on budget.  We are licensed, bonded, and insured. We will beat any written bid.

    COASTLINE has learned to optimize production and minimize downtime thus reducing construction costs throughout your foundation project. Our estimating team understand all aspects of specialized engineering projects and offers free consultations.

    We want our clients to be happy and satisfied and will make sure that your hard earned money is well spent.


"The most gratifying aspect of our business has been the repeat business and referrals that we receive from our existing clients."

 Dustin Rutherford -Owner


  • Refinery Drilling
  • Caisson Drilling
  • Grade Beams
  • Low Overhead Drilling
  • Slope Stabilization
  • Large Diameter
  • Hillside Drilling
  • Shoring
  • Limited Access Drilling
  • Elevator Shafts
  • Public Works Projects
  • Soils Testing
  • Geotechnical Drilling
  • Percolation Testing
  • Monitoring Wells
  • Underpinning
  • Foundation Drilling
  • Swimming Pool Foundations
  • Cell-Tower Monopoles
  • Indoor Drilling
  • Seepage Pit Drilling
  • Public Works Projects
  • De-Watering Wells
  • Down-hole Logging

COASTLINE specializes in hillside foundations, caisson drilling, and commercial shoring projects.

Hillside Drilling
Caisson Drill | Shoring | Excavation Contractor
Hillside Drilling
California Drilling | Shoring | Excavation Contractor
Limited Access Drilling
California Drilling | Shoring | Excavation Contractor


Seepage Pit Drilling
Caisson Drilling Project - Los Angeles, California
Exploratory Drilling
Caisson Drilling Project; Malibu, California
Limited Access Drilling
Limited Access Caisson Drilling Project; Bel-Aire, California